If you love stopping at garage sales and estate sales every chance you get, there is likely a handful or more items you can’t wait to display in your Greenville area home. While you love your newfound treasures, in the back of your mind, you’re worried about dirt and grime brought in with these items. ZEROREZ® can help restore some of your favorite antiques and new finds back to new again, so you can be ready to show them off to family and friends.

Antique Fainting Chair

One find you couldn’t pass up was an antique fainting chair—just like the one your great-grandmother had in her Victorian home. The problem is the new chair has been in storage for many years and the fabric is delicate and thin. The pros at ZEROREZ® will use a safe and effective cleaning treatment on your chair that will safely remove the dirt which will enhance its appearance while reducing the impact on the fabric.

Turn Of The Century Antique Rugs

If you found a matching pair of oriental rugs that you must have at a local garage sale, don’t hesitate. Before you bring them inside your home, call the pros at ZEROREZ® to come out and evaluate your rugs. In some cases they will apply Empowered Water™ to the rugs to break down underlying dirt and odor-causing bacteria. From there, dirty water and soiled contaminants will be removed. Once the rugs are cleaned, you can display them proudly in your home while not worrying about germs and bacteria being left behind. Or they can pick up your rugs and bring them to their facility using a special cleaning process with their highly trained rug cleaning professionals.

Salvaged Tiles

After digging through tons of junk, you finally find the diamond in the rough—a box of antique ceramic tiles that would look perfect in your kitchen renovation. While you may have gotten the tiles at a fraction of the cost of an antique wholesaler, they need a lot of work. Having them professionally cleaned will allow them to be restored back to their original splendor. ZEROREZ® uses a safe and effective cleaning solution to target tough stains and kill bacteria-laden residue that sets into ceramic tile surfaces.

Dining Room Chairs

Don’t pass up the gorgeous dining room set at the estate sale down the road. Salvage the seat covers by having them professionally cleaned by ZEROREZ®. Their special solution will effectively target those deep down stain rings and lift stains—allowing the chairs to look like new again!

Don’t pass up garage sales and their treasures because of a little dirt and grime. Look past that and call on the pros at ZEROREZ® for some assistance.