It’s important for kids to gain a sense of responsibility when it comes to creating a functional and clean living environment. In addition to school, extracurricular activities and sports, kids should add time into their schedules to help out with chores, cleaning and making sure their personal space stays organized. Creating a kid cleaning checklist teaches them responsibility and sets the standard on how to be proactive cleaners when they become adults. Here are some areas that kids can easily target on their own.

Putting Dirty Shoes Away

Kids can easily track in a lot of dirt and grass strains from outside. Making sure that their backpacks, coats and shoes are put away before walking on the carpet is important for cleaning and general upkeep. Make sure that they tidy up the entryway areas once a week and also clean up muddy shoes and boots and put them back properly. Shoes that they use daily should also be put in a designated location. In addition, calling in the pros from ZEROREZ® can help target entryway locations by using EMPOWERED WATER™ technology to lift and target tough stains including high traffic stains, and dirt and food spills.

Daily Vacuuming

Not everyone vacuums their carpeting on a daily basis. But if you have small kids, pets and other areas of heavy traffic, daily vacuuming can reduce the overall amount of dust that gets into the air of your home, as well as lengthen the life of your carpet. If your children suffer from allergies, vacuuming each day can help trap unwanted dust particles and allergens and keep them from causing allergy flare-ups. A total duct cleaning from ZEROREZ® can also help trap dust and pollen and disinfect your ductwork—making the air inside your Greenville area home much cleaner. Adding vacuuming to your kid’s chore list helps you keep the upper hand on dust and dirt.


Making sure that your kids know how to recycle helps keep your home eco-friendly and teaches them about responsible waste disposal. Part of their chore list each week should include separating recyclable items such as plastics, glass and cardboard waste products. Creating a recycle center in your garage can simplify this process and make it a productive area for storing items before they go to the curb or the community recycle center.

Cleaning Up After Pets

If your family has pets, kids can be taught how to properly care for them. This may include cleaning up pet waste in the yard once a week, walking and exercising them. Pet care including bathing and brushing will significantly reduce the amount of cleaning needed later. In addition, vacuuming furniture and carpet areas where pets sleep is equally important. For heavy duty odors and stains, call on ZEROREZ® to come out and use their ZeroStink pet odor killing technology to restore your well worn pet areas into a fresh smelling oasis.

Even through the summer months, while they’re on vacation, it’s important to create an effective kid cleaning checklist that reduces the chances of messes getting out of control.