We can all relate, right? Whether you live with your wife, kids, girlfriend, or any women, we’ve got makeup stains all over the carpet. The dreaded foundation dropping from the bottle on to the clean carpet and creating a stain that just won’t budge. You can try cleaning it but it only seems to get worse as you keep rubbing the foundation deeper and deeper into the carpet. Well Zerorez® Greenville has got the solution to keep your carpets looking clean and new and have you worry free!

Side Note: Always use a white wash cloth or paper towel. If you use other prints or colors, those colors and prints can blend with the makeup and create an even bigger mess!


Immediately when making a stain, use rubbing alcohol or paint remover. This will do the trick before it sets in the carpet and Zerorez® can sanitize it after.


Mix some dishwashing soap and warm water and gently rub at the stain to agitate it.


Mix laundry detergent with cold water.

Liquid Foundation:

Hydrogen peroxide solution should get that stain right out.

Zerorez® is a green company that uses no harsh chemicals. To get stains out, we use our Empowered Water™ which is a hot water extraction. For immediate relief from makeup stains and to get the encapsulated dirt out, we recommend these solutions. Give the pros at Zerorez® a call for a much more thorough cleaning.