While heavy rains may be good for Greenville-area reservoirs, the mud it brings to lawns and fields can become a big problem at home. Whether your children or pets are the biggest culprits of tracking the sludge indoors, there are ways to protect your rugs and furniture in any season. Here is how to get mud stains on carpet and upholstery to disappear.

Mud on Carpeting and Upholstery

Cleaning science says the key to any clean fabric is removing soils using the gentlest system possible. In the case of carpeting and upholstery, the key is using no harsh chemicals and water to extract the mud and dirt that has been tracked in and spread around by shoes or paws. Advanced carpet cleaning systems get the job done by loosening embedded dirt with a high-pressure spray, loosening the materials that have settled into the fabric.

Once the soils have been dislodged and the fabric is treated with electrolyzed water, dedicated extraction wands clear the carpet of soils. Because this process does not involve a high volume of water or any shampooing, carpets dry quickly and stay cleaner longer. What the top carpet cleaners have proven is that there is no need to soak rugs with water and soaps. This makes steam cleaning the wrong call for Sandy Springs homeowners. Upholstery cleaning follows nearly the same pattern when furniture has been hit with mud.

The Family Choice for Mud Stains on Carpet

Regular carpet cleaning is the best way to protect your investment and keep your living area looking great. However, mud stains can happen at any time when your kids and pets have their way in the fields after the rain. This situation may tempt you to go for cleaning chemicals on sale in local stores, but these chemical treatments come with risks.

Before you opt for a store-bought solution, consider what your rugs are used for on a daily basis. With your children and pets lounging on carpeting, choosing a cleaning product with dangerous chemicals creates numerous risks. On top of the inefficient cleaning system, the chemicals left behind may irritate the skin and nasal passages of family members. Meanwhile, the residue from cleaning products attracts dirt and could make stains reappear. In most cases, this formula pales in comparison to green cleaning systems safe for family and pets.

Dealing with mud stains on carpet and upholstery is easier when you have professionals (that have experience in green cleaning) on the job. When mud happens in your home, contact ZEROREZ® of Greenville for cleaning that will get carpets and upholstery looking like new again.