If you or someone you live with suffers from allergies, there are several things you should know. Even though you may be seeing a doctor and taking prescriptions to help control your allergy symptoms, there are still things that may affect your allergies.

Below are some things in your home that may prompt an allergic response as well as what you can do to help eliminate the issue.

Hard Surface Cleaners

Many household cleaners that you may find in big box stores contain harmful chemicals that can be hazardous to your skin and respiratory system. This can lead to allergic responses like hives. Using more than one cleaner can create a severe allergic response and a dangerous chemical reaction. You may not give a second thought to the cleaners you use in your kitchen, shower and on tile floors on a daily basis—until you break out with an itchy rash.

Carpet cleaners like ZEROREZ® use Empowered Water™ technology. This technology may actually prevent an allergic response. This is because the Empowered Water™ saturates deep within carpet fibers and other surfaces to safely remove allergens as well as previous chemicals embedded within the flooring.

Chemical-Based Carpet Cleaners

Many commercial carpet cleaning companies use chemical cleaners as their main ingredient. These cleaners contain chemicals and solvents like perchloroethylene and naphthalene—which may lead to respiratory and gastrointestinal distress. A combination of several of these contaminants could trigger and allergic response.

ZEROREZ® also uses 100 percent organic cleaners derived from electrolyzed water that help target stubborn stains—while also leaving behind no harmful allergy-causing residue. This creates a safe surface area without you and your family having to breathe in or touch any chemicals left behind.

Pollen and Dust

As you run your furnace, your air conditioner and open your windows throughout the year—dust particles and pollen pieces can make their way inside. While these may not trigger an allergic response immediately, you may see the effects when they are blown through your furnace vents all at once.

Hay fever and asthma can be complicated by pollen and dust. You can remedy this issue with a professional air duct cleaning from ZEROREZ®. A professional technician will go in and place a camera within your duct work to see how much debris buildup is present. From there, the debris will be extracted and removed from your home.

The result is less dust throughout your home to stain your carpet and walls. Also, the likelihood of a potential allergic response will be reduced.

Pet Dander and Odor

If you have cats or dogs, there is a good chance that they leave behind a lot of dirt and hair. Their dander (which can include skin cells, hair and possibly flea residue) can be an allergy sufferer’s worst nightmare.

ZEROREZ® has a product called ZeroStink that safely targets pet odors and breaks down the molecular bonds. This product combined with a thorough carpet cleaning from ZEROREZ® can help reduce allergy triggers significantly in your Greenville home.

In short, by Using a combination of products and services from ZEROREZ®, you can help get your allergies under control.