If your dog is part of your family, there’s a good chance that he reigns supreme over your furniture and every room of your house. While you wouldn’t have it any other way, there is a downfall to allowing your dog to have free roam of your castle—added pet hair and dander. While you may work diligently to vacuum, dust and control pet stains, odors can embed themselves deep into the nooks and crannies of your home. Here are a few ways that you can eliminate pet odor for good.

Crack Down On Your Carpet

All carpeting, including area and oriental rugs, are magnets for pet odor and hair. Dirt, urine and other spills can quickly saturate into carpet fibers, and then straight through to the pad. If you’ve used cleaners in the past or had your floors professionally cleaned, shampoo remnants have likely been left behind. These cleaning shampoos contain chemicals that don’t break down and leave a film or residue behind. ZEROREZ® targets pet odors within carpet fibers and deep into the carpet pad. Using EMPOWERED WATER™, the bacteria that causes odors is loosened and then extracted for a permanent odor remover that leaves your carpet smelling fresh and clean.

Target Tile and Grout

If you find yourself wiping and mopping up pet stains throughout the day, you may think that you’re also eliminating odors. Because most tile and grout is porous, there’s a good chance that urine and other liquids are being absorbed and settling deep into your flooring material. Having the pros at ZEROREZ® deep clean your tile and grout not only knocks out pet odors, the EMPOWERED WATER™ solution seals the surface and makes it resistant to future spills and stains.

Spot Clean Regularly

Keeping up with pet messes is a daily occurrence. Anything from accidental spills to tracking in mud from outside can cause stains to pop up all over your flooring areas. Immediately soaking any type of stain with a paper towel will help to absorb as much liquid as possible. From there, spot cleaning is recommended to prevent the stain from settling in. Primacide B-Fluid from ZEROREZ® targets stains and is completely safe for your entire family. Its non-toxic and water based, making it safe for any surface in your home.

Visit The Groomer Frequently

Another way to get a grip on odors is to control pet dander—the tiny, microscopic fleck of skin from animals, is to make frequent trips to the groomer. The ASPCA suggests that you should bathe your dog at least every three months—more if he rolls around in a mess or spends time outdoors. Weekly brushing can also help control excess hair that may fall and land in your furniture and carpets. Using the safe, patented formula, ZeroStink from ZEROREZ® helps break down and eliminate odors, rather than mask them.

Focus On Furniture

Odors can easily take residence on furniture and other places where your dog rests. Cleaning the dog bed at least once a week with a thorough vacuuming and washing once a month can help combat odors. A technician from ZEROREZ® can come to your home and deep cleaning your furniture with an electrolyzed water solution. This will extract dirt, dander and microscopic bacteria that causes odor.

Using multiple methods to eliminate pet odor in your home is the best way to create a clean and thriving home environment. Call ZEROREZ® today to schedule an appointment to get your house smelling wonderful again.